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Our Shows

Since 2010, Kachan Law has acted as a host and co-host in a multitude of programs across several Russian Radio and TV stations in NY. Today, on a weekly and bi-weekly basis, Kachan Law participates in two distinct radio programs, on two Russian language radio stations. We also co-host a monthly Business Club program on a Russian language TV station. While the shows are advertising, they are also educational in nature. Kachan Law regularly endeavors to bring to the public much needed facts about Debtor Creditor Law related topics which are seldom disclosed outside of paid consultations or seminars.
We are committed to dispelling bankruptcy myths, and providing real information, which people facing a challenging financial situation, will not readily find.

NTV Business Club TV Show

The NTV Business Club, is a monthly, 20 minute televised program, featuring Alla Kachan and a co host, discussing topics related to small business reorganization, taxi medallions debt, mortgage modifications and how these services are implemented to help both small businesses and individuals.

This program is conducted in the Russian language

The Freedom FM Radio Show

The Freedom FM Radio Show is a ten minute, weekly program which is broadcast on 104.7 F.M., featuring Alla Kachan, with a co host, discussing Debtor Creditor Topics and case studies. Debtor Creditor topics discussed include among many others: Tax liability after Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Debt Settlement, taxi medallion debt in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, and commercial loan workouts.

This program is conducted in the Russian language

The RUSA Radio Show

The RUSA Radio Show is a weekly, five minute informational program, which is broadcast on 105.1 HD, featuring Alla Kachan in discussion with two co-hosts, which covers all Debtor-Creditor topics including chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, taxi medallion debt, Debt Settlement, and loss mitigation/mortgage modification, achieved both through the bankruptcy process and directly with the lender.

This program is conducted in the Russian language