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About Kachan Law

Specialized Debtor and Creditor Law Office

Kachan Law is a uniquely specialized Debtor and Creditor law office, which began as vibrant Chapter 7 and 13 practice, over the last sixteen years, evolved into a highly regarded,  widely recognized firm, offering new hope and often unprecedented solutions to taxi medallion owners, small businesses, and distressed homeowners, among many others. Our firm has historically fought to protect the rights of every debtor, in every case, from very small to complex.  Our firm is among the top filers of Chapter 7’s and 11’s in the district and has one of the best track records for Chapter 11 confirmations.

Our Foundation

Our Philosophy

We are deeply committed to our clients’ financial well-being. We fight fiercely to protect the rights of Debtors large and small, individual and corporate. We go above and beyond for our clients and are not satisfied by average results or widely accepted solutions. Preserving our clients’ homes and businesses are our absolute priorities as we believe that surrendering one’s home or business should be the very last resort in a financial crisis. 

Our Principles

Our clients have worked hard to acquire their homes and establish their businesses, but very often are the first to bear the brunt of an economic downturn, natural disaster, illness, matrimonial problems, or a change in market conditions. Medallion owners have spent most of their lives working to pay their medallion debt and earn a living to support their families, only to become victims of an industry-wide collapse. We feel that no one should be a victim of circumstances or events outside of their control. 

Keys To Success

We do not shy away from litigating our clients’ rights and believe that the existing bankruptcy statutes and case law, provide a solution for most situations if one works hard enough to find them. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity as it applies to our practice and our cases. There is no creditor too large or too intimidating and no asset too small or unimportant to protect. 

More About

Alla Kachan

Alla Kachan graduated from the New York University College of Arts and Science in 1999. She went on to study  Law and received a Juris Doctor from Brooklyn Law School in 2003. Alla Kachan’s internship in the Legal Aid Consumer Bankruptcy Unit during her studies in Brooklyn Law School, helping low-income New Yorkers file for bankruptcy protection, sparked a passion for helping those in need, to obtain a fresh start and climb out from under the burden of debt. Alla Kachan is admitted to practice law in the States of New York and New Jersey, as well as the Eastern, Southern, and Northern Federal Districts of New York.

More recently, on judicial recommendation, Alla Kachan has been informally advising the  NYC Bankruptcy Assistance Project of the Legal Services of NYC, on the effect of reorganization in chapter 11 taxi medallion cases.

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