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Kachan Law is a unique, dedicated Debtor – Creditor practice that combines experience and legal innovation to offer hope and solutions for the most difficult financial challenges. 

About Kachan Law

Kachan Law evolved from a small bankruptcy practice to be one of the most experienced, best-rated, bankruptcy, and business reorganization practitioners in the district. Our office is recognized and recommended by judges and fellow practitioners, alike. We represent Debtors and Creditors in every type of Chapter 7 and 11 bankruptcy, mortgage modification, business reorganization, and taxi medallion loan workouts.

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Legal Practice Areas

Mortgage Mitigation

Mortgage and Loan Modifications

Not that many people know, but the best way to get a mortgage or loan modification on your primary residence is through the loss mitigation program instituted in all districts of the New York Bankruptcy courts.

Credit Cards Debt Settlement

Debt and Credit Card Settlements

Don’t be tricked by enticing advertising for “debt consolidation” and “debt relief programs”. The only debt settlements that work, are those made directly with the bank, in writing.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is an option for those whose income exceeds Chapter 7 bankruptcy requirements and those who own property whose value exceeds homestead equity allowances of Chapter 7, or who own an investment property with equity.  Chapter 13 is usually a 3-5 year repayment plan of all excess monthly income to the trustee, for the benefit of the creditors.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 is the simplest type of bankruptcy, ideal for those with no assets or assets and real property that are “exempt” and income below a certain allowance. It allows you to discharge unsecured debt, while in many cases retaining your real property, with equity below a certain amount.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 is one of our specialties. It is a reorganization’s bankruptcy that can be used for an individual or a business, in order to save property and assets, keep business functioning, while in many cases, drastically reducing debt.

What makes us unique?

Why Clients Choose Us

Our clients choose us and recommend us regularly because we fight passionately for every client and don’t settle for an average outcome. Our track record in our district for integrity and success rate in chapter 7’s, Chapter 11 confirmations, and taxi medallion settlements and workouts, is exemplary.

We do not accept defeat and do not allow predatory lending, abusive collection practices, economic downturns, and natural disasters, to cost our clients their hard earned businesses, homes, and other assets.

Practice Jurisdictions

As we are Debtor – Creditor and bankruptcy attorneys, we practice primarily in the Bankruptcy Courts, which are divided into Districts.
Alla Kachan is admitted in the Federal Court of New York, and practices in Eastern, Southern and Northern Districts of New York, as well as the District of New Jersey.
We are also often asked to represent clients in bankruptcies in different states for complicated cases. In those instances ,we can seek pro hac vice admission, which allows us to represent that particular client, in a different state.

Eastern District of NY

The Eastern District of New York Court, located in Brooklyn hears cases filed in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. Long Island has its own Court, located in Central Islip, and hears cases filed in Long Island. The location of each filed case is determined by the Debtor residence or place of business.

Southern District of NY

The Manhattan Court, located in Manhattan hears cases filed in Manhattan and the White Plains Court hears cases filed anywhere else in the Southern District, the location of each filed case is determined by the Debtors residence or place of business

The District of New Jersey

The District of New Jersey is divided into two courts, one located in Newark, NJ, the other located in Trenton, NJ, the location of each filed case is determined by the Debtors residence or place of business.

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